He ways are mysterious...

I have made a new friend...and someone I would have never expected to not only meet, but gel with. We're going out to sushi tonight and a feel a girlish excitement I haven't felt in awhile. I am so excited to see what God does through this friendship because only He could bring us together...So rad.


Deejay Crabbylero a.k.a. "Bela C"

My son is taking after both his parents equally...Loves music, loves skateboards, is the world's youngest dj, and is showing us daily he is quite the daredevil...can't wait to see how it all turns out...


Lake Cunningham Skate Park-birthday session part 2

Lake Cunningham Skate Park-birthday session

Mini Cab and his legendary father shred the new park for a super duper special birthday session on April 3rd. I think this kid was born to skate...

Happy 1st Birthday to my Boy!
We celebrated one year on the 3rd at the new skate park in San Jose. It was an absolute blast. Then, home for his first taste of the good stuff with his fam. Thanks to my dad and Shannon for traveling so far for the event. He is one special kid and man oh man what a year it's been.


One Year Old...

My baby's a year old today!!!! Wow, how time passes so quickly. Blink and it's gone.

I am so overjoyed to have made it through the first year and to be entering into such a fun time. He's getting so close to walking, and babbling up a storm.



This is me...in all my blue-ness...